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2.28.05 Vacation pictures can be found here. I promise there will be a HUUUUGE update coming up in March. Later in march. Anime Boston stuff is sucking up the majority of my time. I wrote a bit and will be updating the story section as well.

12.30.05Christmas, New Years. Have a happy happy. I spent alot. It was a good time.

11.28.04 My grandmother is dead. She died on the 12th of this month. She was a grand old dame. She lived to be 84 and was the kindest soul I have ever met. She kept it real though. She had altzheimers and ultimately died of stroke. There is alot to say but it's really hard for me to talk about it. I've always kept my feelings to myself. All I'll say is that grandparents are a precious commodity. People that love you as much as your parents should be treasured.

11.11.04 Catastrophic Data Loss... yes folks my computer blew the fuck up today. What a waste of a perfectly good holiday :<

I think I had love san or something on my pc. Format c; and I reinstalled windows then had to reinstall everything. I lost what writing I didn't have saved else where. Luckily this site is served off site. Virus writers serve no purpose other than to create mayhem and strip people of their valuable time. It's not even like they're getting money or something out of it. They 'er just being little pissants.

On a more upbeat note I'm back from Kansas. Beautiful country, boring 3 hour drive. All in all it was not as bad as I expected it to be. I actually worked and listened to country music which is just as whiny as I expected but palatable. There was actually a bit of a beat to the whole thing. I may give it another shot some time soon. You all know how I likez the phat beatz.

Of late I've been really irritated with my job. Specifically the customers, they drive me crazy. Constantly calling and asking for things that I just don't have the time to do. I'm always extremely busy and allot of the time I feel like I'm not doing a very good job for them. It's freaking important stuff too. People's lives depend on this stuff and I don't have the time to help because I have so many other things to do. I think I may either ask for less sites or something because I'm starting to dread going to work. I don't want to dread going to work.

On the gaming front, World of Warcraft is so sweet, SOOOOOOO sweet! It blows final fantasy out of the water. I love the quests and being back with the Enclave! It's all so fierce!

Other interesting stuff, I'm on the staff for Anime boston this year. under programming. I'm trying to help Derek with some of the planning aspects of the whole thing. If you have anything for Diz please send it to the programming email on the animeboston web page and I wanna see you all at AB05!

Oh one last thing. Check out my tag board at the Far right! Put your music recommendations, what your reading and playing or any other messages you may have for the Dizzah! It may end up on the hit list as well. Check you fools L>8>R

10.21.04 Yep another heroically long span of time between blog entries. Ah well thus is life. Alright so what's been up with me? The usual. My damn job driving me nuts. Too much work for no chips but I'm in it for the long haul. HOOOO how bout dem Sox eh?! Dropping the BOOM on the Yankees 10-3. My my my. Being a Sox fan never rocked so hard. I'll admit faith took some lumps by the three down thing but *Bingo Bango* 4 days later we handed them damn Yanks, The Worst Beatdown in Baseball Ever in Life.

Go Sox!!!!! Well any how we're going to the world series. SHEWWEET! Here's a quote about the 04 Sox that I think perfectly sums them up. In this era of over-analysis when every move has to have a hundred rationales and each consequence must have dozens of reasons, it's refreshing to have a team blissfully oblivious to most everything spinning around them. Or as Terry Francona says, "1918? Sometimes these guys don't even know how many outs there are in this inning." But back to my rant about work. How about some good news? Yes folks it's vacation planning time. Come Feb 1 I'll be winging my way to Trinidad. White sand beaches, tropical blue water and the biggest wildest most fantastical party ever. Carnival. God I can't wait. WOOOOOT! POOORTY TIME!

Lots of good music out too as can be seen on my mini play list to the right. I gotta say though that the thing I've been most impressed with is Mason Bethas triumphant return. The rapper turned preacher bounced back onto the hip-hop radar with the triumphant Welcome Back and he's been hanging out on the charts like he never left in 96. Recently Mase and his wifey Twilla celebrated the birth of their first, this was slightly marred by a bit of controversy when Mase skipped out on a booking he was scheduled for. FOR THE BIRTH OF HIS KID. Anyway Congrats goes out to Twilla and Mase. You got a good man girl. Anyway with Mase's return it sent me pawing through my music from that decade. Oh Bad Boy such a good label back then. I pulled out Victory and All about the Benjamins and got all misty eyed about Biggie who my bestest friend had no damn clue about. Sometimes if me and B didn't have our books and our little weird tastes I don't know what the hell we'd talk about. Also on the list since we're all <all of us who actually pay attention to pop> are missing Biggie about now, out pops this guy Gorilla Black, a huge brother out of Compton that sounds EXACTLY like our Biggie. I mean I listened to Victory and I listed to Compton and would have sworn it was the same guy. Freaked me out out out. Compton is a pretty, little reggae cut with Beenie Man. Other stuff out this month, Kels and JZ on a cut called Big Chips a rhythmic cabana banger that gets my shoulders moving every time I hear it. I don't know how Kelly has time to come up with these genius clips between court dates like that.

A new hybrid of reggae and spanish rap called Reggae ton seems to be burning up DJ turntables. The danceable mix of salsa guitars, rap vocals and hip hop back beats is perfect for the hibrid crowds in New York, PR, DR and here in town. Born in Puerto Rico about 10 years ago, it is a mix of Rap, Hip Hop and spanish reggae with the influence of puerto rican native music's called" Bomba " and " Plena ". The reggaeton lyrics are about the reality on the streets, misunderstandings, unfair situations, and last but not least about love, cheating, and been really mad at someone because of something. Reggaeton well known stars include: Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Zion y Lennox, Ivy Queen, Don Omar, Hector y Tito, Wisin y Yandel. <>

What can we say about Snoop? Born Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dogg has consistently produced some of the most intriguing rap to garner popular acclaim. There are better rappers but no one knows about them. His newest single Drop it Like It's Hot is no exception. I'm sure I've said it before. I <3 his voice. Its a kind of nasal monotone and that squinty eyed drugged out look..@_@. My style is clean cut earnest and smart but that guys voice and his goofy laid back thing And there's the Shizzolator <>. Well you really have enough to get your 2step on about now and you're all caught up with Diz.

Oh one more thing I'll be turning 25 in 4 days. I have no clue what I wanna do. I still feel like a stupid kid. It's not quite where I want to be but I'm not complaining. My usual zen like calm should see me in good stead. Yay 25 just a few more decades till I'm 60 and officially crotchety!

9.09.04 Wow almost a whole month has past. I'm a lazy creature aint I!? Lots of stuff has happened. Last weekend I went to NY with my parents to move my sister into college. We stayed at this great old school hotel in Midtown. I went shopping till all hours of the night and then watched the tarted up twinkly lights in Time Square. I like the place but it's too damn busy and too hard hearted. Also went to the Caribbean festival.This is an amazing spectacle of sound and costumes. Basically you have a whole lot of black people getting their party on. Though I do have to note that is your claustrophobic or don't like crowds or gratuitous physical contact don't even bother. It's a great time though. People dancing in the street making trouble and having fun. There is a ton of eating and drinking as well. The one thing that's a little scary is the crowds. Think of several hundred people all jam packed in a small space pushing to get one way but there is no movement from the front you're stuck and there's not enough room to go past or around anyone and people are still pushing from the back. Someone's temper flares and its as easy as that to have a stampeding killer mob. I get out of those quickly. Also i've been doing that parade for years with my family and haven't ever gotten hurt.

I started a game called nation states you can check out my nation here. It's called Dizdayn like my nick.

8.08.04 I promised a more in depth journal entry so here it is. Otakon was stupid amounts of fun wrapped up in a tone of silliness and a liberal sprinkling of good old fashioned geek. We left about 11pm drove all night to get to Baltimore. The trip took about 6 hours and we arrived at just about sun up. There was already a ton of people on line but a bit of hot footing and lack of manners had us in the 6am part of the line as apposed to the 7:30's around the corner. The line stretched about 4 blocks long. We got our badges then looked around. We saw D on the first day but didn't see too much more of him. I took his picture and it's in the archives. We walked around looked at a few exhibits and took some pictures of the awesome costumes everyone was wearing. I brought kind of a costume but it stank compared to T's and V's. I'll have to try a little harder next year. *Promise* *Promise* We went back to the hotel to check in. The nice lady at the desk put us in right away even though there was a line because we checked in at 6am actually when we got into town. <Car was parked in the lot the whole time. Much love to T for driving. The Beamah was sooo comfortable.> The room was smaller than what we had at the Park plaza but I think the appointments were nicer and I could play my gamecube!!! We had a huge bed that was wonderfully comfortable. It looked like one of those locked cable deals that the park plaza had but V made me try it anyway. Lo and behold it worked!

Baltimore is pretty hot especially for Bostonian's. It was 85-90 all weekend. I was pretty uncomfortable but I got over it. There was just so much to do and see. I think the Art room was my favorite place. I saw a lot of really great up and coming talent. Lots of Manga and Doujinshi which is like fan fiction, lots of yaoi which is m/m anime and can be really raunchy and a lot of gorgeously executed work. I felt pretty talentless. I can draw a little but nothing like these guys. We went back and forth from different panels and exhibits to the game room and the dealers room taking pictures all the way. V's skill with the camera is pretty mighty. I think I only took about a third of the shots she did. You can see most of what was good in my gallery. The link is on the right most panel.

There was a pretty popular band. Arc en Ciel that had a concert on Saturday, Jpop doesn't interest me all that much and T and V didn't seem uber hyped for it so we didn't bother. On the Friday we watched this insane anime called Bobobo. It's about a guy with and I quote "The way of the Nose Hair" The dude busted so much ass with his Nose Hair Kung Fu that I stopped laughing and was actually taking it seriously for a while. It was great and thanks D for the suggestion. We walked around a little more and finally I went to the workshop I was most looking forward to. The Fanfic workshop. It was done in a panel style. I took away a ton of great suggestions and I plan on going back next year with a work to critique. Hopefully the same people come back to do it. The feedback section was so much fun. I've already applied some of the suggestions to my works in progress and plan to get back to writing.

After the writing section we tried out the dance. Loud loud techno. V, T, and I weren't feeling it so we left besides everyone looked about 6 years old. I wasn't looking forward to having some preteen puking up on my shoes. The music was alright but the crowd was hyperkinetic and just a tad scary. Its so odd how the things we found cool at 16 are tired and played out at 23. I guess that's growing up for you.

The room had a beautiful view of Baltimore's inner harbor. There was a clipper ship and a few pleasure craft all moored there. On Saturday I got up early. It's really hard for me to sleep on a bed that isn't my own. Got up early and took a bit of a constitutional while V and T got into their costumes. I ate breakfast at a little outdoor place on the water. It was about 85 even at 6:40 when I sat down to eat. Then it was back to the con. I got a personalized chibi tag done by one of the artists in the Artists Alley. <Much love Danielle! > She did a superior job drawing my little bondage scene right on the spot. I also got a good look at the auction. T bought three beautiful pieces and would have won a forth but for a very determined moron who wouldn't move from the piece like she owned it. Sigh. People are jerks but I can't fault her. Go for what you want.

V's and T's costume garnered quite a lot of attention. T went as Talim from Soul Caliber and V went as Gogo Ubari from Kill Bill 1. There was a whole photo shoot where T had to fight some other characters from Soul Caliber and V had to do a shoot with other Kill Bill characters. I've got a whole section the Kill Bill shoot in my gallery. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling too hot when T was grabbed for the Soul Caliber shoot so I don't have too many shots of her. She did look great though.

By Sunday things were winding down. V and T skipped costumes and we all headed down to the Art room one more time. I forgot my convention id and had to run back to the hotel to get it by then I'd lost everyone and I had everyone's phones on me. My bad. We found each other and walked around the game room some. Finally we were about ready to go. I'm not a great traveler and some times a get a little crunchy. I did have a really good time though. We bought a tone of anime while waiting for the auction to start.We picked up our auction stuff and sat in for the last piece of T's that had to go to auction. It was the third of the seat and she kicked some ass bidding for it, especially for an auction newbie. T is a very strong willed person and I'm proud of her for lots of things.

We got out of Baltimore at about 1pm after a delicious lunch at the Orioles grin in the Sheraton where we stayed. It took us 10 hours to get back home with all the traffic. Super Ick but still I had a great time.

8.02.04 Back from Otakon. I'll have a more in depth break down of everything that happened. I just wanted to get the pictures out onto the site. You can check them out here.

7.20.04 Glasses fixed but they're not sitting right on my face and it's annoying me to pieces. I'm reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. It's frickin' great. There's alot of philosophy in the middle bit about human or in this case Animal rights that I just don't care about (but probably should as a free and right thinking adult.) Fabala is the Witch. It's actually the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. As I said. Frickin' Great. Getting close to the Baltimore trip and I still haven't gotten that Air Mattress. Boo. I'm getting more and more excited though. Went on another date with QM, I'm getting less and less excited. On a serious note my brother has to go back to the Marines next year. This is craziness. If anything happens to my brother I'm holding George W. Bush personally responsible. I'm putting it out there. I can't even explain how crazy I'll be. Let's just leave it at that and DON'T ELECT his ass unless you want to be drafted for this horrifying joke of a war. Vote for Ralph Nader, Ross Perot or Frickin' Mickey Mouse for all I care, just get out and vote. For someone else.

7.9.04 Broke my glasses so I'm now wearing contacts for a while. I'm still on PS. It's such an addictive game for short spans then you fall off it really easily. I like leveling and hanging out with the guys I play with "The Enclave". Buzz and Bagger and Skoda and Extra British Captian Rimmer and others much love to yah. I've started working out in the mornings it's wonderful I can do a half hour of aerobic and about 10 minutes of strength training before I go back home and get ready for work. Sweet! It usually takes me about 10 mins or so to get to the Y and do it up. I don't know really what else to put in here. I don't have a lot of drama in my life. Oh some jerk stole my brothers wallet from his car. Bro's fault for leaving it unlocked but still.

6.19.04 New look for the site. I kept the old layout because I liked it dispite the comments from the peanut gallery... you know who y'all are. Stomach is doing better. We got my dad a laptop for Father's day. My credit sucks. My brother managed to get a 5k limit whilst I wasn't even considered. I've started playing Planetside again. Also started a new story this week. It's about a singer named Lenie who gets wise to certin things about her father who abandoned their family.Watch for magic music and hot sexy Elven Assassins.

6.17.04 I had to give a training today about MPM and EMR. It went alright I think. I may have been supefyingly boring. Atleast there were a few nodding heads. What ever. It was early. I tried to keep it as short as possible. Maybe i wasn't speaking loud enough or something.

Any hoo I thought of something good to add to the website. On that pesky third tab. A recommendation section. There will be music movies and books that I've read or am anticipating. Also good links or anything else I think is good to know about.

6.9.04 RW training is over. A guy from the group MC was teaching the class one of the days. He's pretty but in a dramatic way and he had the loveliest skin I've ever seen on a man. That thick rich look of heavy cream just this side of going bad. You all know how I feel about things that are just a little wrong. Pretty mouth too. Sad lack of hair in the back though. Baldness sucks when you don't have the head shape for it. Lets run down some people who do.

Lex Luthor from Smallvile. :b.... MR! Never change baby!


Captin Picard from STNG. Yay Patrick Stewart.

Tay Diggs

LL Cool J. Ladies do love cool James.


6.8.04 My fish is dead. I think I wished it so. Me and the clorine i think did him in. Red beta that came into my care on my birthday 2002. That makes it about 1 year and 8 months. I'm not sure if that's old or not. But it was longer than any time I had a fish previously. I just called him Fishie.

5.30.04 I've got a head ache. I think too much looking at the comp screen. I'm going to the gym. Later I'll add the last feature story today and try to build the feedback page. I also wanna get in some FFXI time. My characters name is Dizdayn and I'm on the Asura server if you want to say hi to me. Also I'm in with a linkshell called The Used. Making bank too with the bee killing in Windhurst. I'll put some links on the link and odds section.

5.29.04 I'm trying to get the site alittle more together. I've done the templates for the text popups and am hoping to get good backgrounds for my non featured stories. The feed back page should updata to the latest notes box in the next section ----->

I'm hoping to add my other two main stories and a few short stories and poems as the weekend progresses and if I can find them. I'm going to burn the graphics to CD just incase this afternoon.

What's new with me? We nothing much. This site represents a concentrated effort to work on my writing and get feed back from you the readers. Also I I kinda like webdesign and I've missed codeing.

For how however I'm signing off.

November 2004

Games: World of WarCraft!!!!!!!!!!


I Got Your Man, Lady Saw

Break Away, Kelly Clarkson

Happy Ending, Avril Lavigne

Anime: Fake, Full Metal Alchemist

October 2004


Going Postal, Pratchett

To Light a Candle, Lackey


Oye Mi Canto NORE Nina Sky Tego Caleron

Lose My Breath, Destinys Child

Drop it like it s Hot, Snooooooooop and Pharelle

"Blue flag hanging out my backside but only on the left side cuz thats the Crypts side......"

Big Chips, R.Kelly and Jayz

Compton, Gorilla Black & Beenie Man

I'm B.L.A.C.K from the C.P.T.


Ragnarok Online

Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door.


September 2004

Anime: Samurai X, .Hack//Sign


Bartimaeus 2: The Golem's Eye

Undead and Unwed + Undead and Unemployed <Thank B for the recommendations>

See below for the Blake and Canavan offerings.


Breathe, Stop,Shake and Welcome Back Mase Welcome Back

Headsprung, LL Cool J The DEFinition

August 2004

Otakon 2004 Recommendations:

Anime: Bobobo, Comic Party, Ghost in the Shell 2, Samurai X. Wolfs Rain

Manga: Harlem Beat <out of print>, Rebound, Imadoki, Eerie Queerie

Check it: Pictures from Otakon 2004

July 2004

New Books:


Incubus Dreams, Hamilton, Sept. 28th 2004. YAAY!

The High Lord, Canavan, Sept 1st. 2004

New HipHop:

Lean Back (Rockaway), ???

The Champ is Here, Jadakiss

Get It Twisted, Mobb Deep there's a line from this " There'll be manslaughter right in front of my kids. A little blood get on my daughter, that's nothing she'll live (just wipe that off)" Rap is so wrong, yet I like the song.

Games Upcoming/Out:

GCN Tales of Symphonia.

PS Grand Theft Auto 4 San Andreas in September

June 2004

I'm currently listening to:

All Night, Janet Jackson, Damita Jo

Everything, Alanis Morrisette, So Called Chaos

Julia Quinn is putting out a new Bridgerton Novel. This one deals with the youngest Bridgerton sister, Francesca.

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